Paul Taylor – an eye for design

Paul Taylor’s return to designing cutting edge optical and sunglass wear is a move welcomed by the fashion savvy coveters of this stylish and ‘oh-so daring’ designer. Nothing escapes Paul Taylor's attention, from the carefully selected colour palette to the highest quality acetate and sunlenses, he leaves no stone unturned in creating the best quality product for his customers.

As one of the few Australian heritage eyewear brands he has yet again become a favourite among leaders in all areas on public life; artists, business executives and Olympic athletes have been sporting his eyewear in the media.  Even Australia’s most extraordinary art even, the Archibald Prize, featured a painting of Justice Betty King wearing a red Paul Taylor cat’s-eye.  The designer is overjoyed that such different, yet astonishing people, are using his designs to create their own bold look.

Over the last year we also saw “Doris”, an extreme cats-eye become a firm favourite with the fashion press, featuring in both photo-shoots and several editorials due to its eye-catching shape. It has all the makings of a cult frame.

Paul Taylor also revived some 90’s glam by re-releasing the frame used by Michael Hutchence in many of his most memorable photographs. The designer is a big fan of the late Michael Hutchence and named the frame as a tribute to the artist.

Paul’s love affair with the eyewear industry has been going on for decades. In this time he has poured his energy into owning and running a very successful eyewear business in Australia, Eyeballs, of Oxford Street Paddington Sydney and he has built an enviable designer eyewear label – Paul Taylor.

Eyeballs on Sydney’s most popular shopping strip, Oxford Street, was unrivalled in terms of optical wear. The selection of high- end designer brands including his own designer range was obviously a winning formula as he created an extensive client base of Sydney’s most discerning fashion buyers.

Despite the success of Eyeballs Eyewear Paul realized after 17 years that it was time to move on. So he sold the store in May 2011 to give himself the time to focus on his true passion – designing.

Paul’s design flare emerged early; back when he was working in an eyewear store in Newtown, a customer asked him for a certain type of extreme cats-eye glasses. As the store did not sell anything of this kind he offered to draw them up for her, the customer began shrieking with excitement at the sketch as they were exactly what she wanted. Before leaving they agreed on a date for her to return to collect the custom made product and they kissed each other goodbye.

Paul stayed true to his promise and had the frames made at great expense, but as luck would have it the girl never returned….. Taylor was then forced to put this design into the shop’s display and to his delight they were snapped up immediately, saving his job and establishing his life’s calling as a frame designer. Those cats-eye glasses were to become the first of his eponymous designer collection and have since created iconic status for the brand being worn by many across the globe from Paula Yates to Sarah Murdoch.

Paul’s other designs also went on to become a huge success with people throughout the world desiring his styles.  Because of his absolute commitment to quality, uniqueness and his love of colour his collections which only emerge once he believes he has something new to offer began garnering a cult-like following. This pop culture status was cemented when Michael Hutchence was snapped wearing Paul Taylor frames by Harry Borden in the famous photograph now hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra.

To this day Paul has carefully blended his craft of designing frames with a deep appreciation of the human face and its many shapes; with his complete defiance of trends and an overarching aim for perfection Paul has built a loyal fan base. Many of his customers simply refuse to wear any other frames.

His new collection is unmistakably Paul Taylor, with a strong use of directional colour and the highest quality acetate. We are also seeing the introduction of exciting new colours such as white lace and crystal speck. The new shapes of the 2012 collection include “Humongous”, which is, as the name suggest, humongous, and likely to become a talking point.  The collection carries a further four strong, yet very wearable, and incredibly stylish designs, which no doubt will bring Paul Taylor an even larger audience.